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Aerial Site Data

  • ​Aerial & Ground Photos - Added property lines & surrounding call out points

  •  Video Clip  - A quick fly over showing important highlights of the area

  • Panorama - Wide angle, 180 and 360 sphere panoramas.

  • Interior photos - Capturing every room from multiple angles

 Aerial Photography and Videography is a great way to show the surrounding highlights and full property detail 

Aerial Photos

  • $150 - Aerial/Ground photos (As is) with out Annotations/Call-Out points
  • $175 - Aerial/Ground photos with Annotations/Call- Out points
  • $200 - (Waterfront property) Aerial/Ground level photos with Annotations/Call-Out points 

Aerial & Interior Photos

  • $225 - Aerial/Ground & interior photos (As is) with out Annotations/Call-Out points
  • $250 - Aerial/Ground & interior photos with Annotations/Call- Out points
  • $300 - (Waterfront property) Aerial/Ground & interior photos with Annotations/Call-Out points 

Aerial & Ground video

  • $150 - Aerial/Ground video unedited per hour at location
  • $200 - Aerial/Ground video for every minute of edited video

*Contact for pricing on extended video projects

*Contact for pricing on properties over 25 Acres

Real Estate Property


Plan, track and measure your project site accurately using aerial photogrammetry software 

Prices coming soon

Stock pile measurement, Digital terrain map, 3D mapping

  • 3D & 2D Aerial Mapping - Orthomosaic photo stitching  

  • Digital Elevation Map - See your elevation in different color pallets 

  • Stock Pile Measurements - Volume measurement for cut & fill projects

  • Contour map - Turning digital elevation into contour lines

Aerial Site Data

Real Estate

Aerial Photos & Video

Thermal  Imaging 

Aerial Photos & Video

  • Thermal - Capturing heat signatures that identifies any thermal anomalies 

  • Visible (RGB) - High resolution visible overlay to pinpoint thermal anomalies.​​


Keep it safe by viewing areas where a ladder can't take you

A picture is worth a thousand words ... aerial thermography

 contains loads of information to make informative decisions 

Prices coming soon


Special Events

Aerial Photos & Video

  • Photos - Sharing quick photos of events to updating business stock photos

  • Video - Great for sharing a full visual experience ​​


Special events are just better captured from all around

Share your special event ideas

Prices coming soon

Special Events

    1 hr

    Starting at $150

Service Area 


What Is Needed

  • Location of the project 

  • Time frame

  • Details on what you're looking for in a service (types of footage or special instructions)

 Getting Your Footage

  • Footage will be sent in a downloadable link to your email (24-48hrs)

 Payment Options

  • Invoice will be sent via email (Card payment or bank transfer ACH)

  • In person debit or credit using Square payment swipe device.

  • Cash or check


-Eric Burr

FAA Part 107 Drone Operator 

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